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Case: Yeply

Yeply was already doing an outstanding job when we met them for the first time. Expert bike mechanics would review, test, fix and improve your bicycle. In addition to your yearly bike checkups they also sold and installed new parts, discussed improvements and gave you tips on riding. The best of all: this all happened where you lived. Yeplers move around in vans. Picking up bikes along the route, servicing them and returning them later that evening.

In the beginning of 2017 Yeply had one van and plans to take over the world. They had a well-defined process for their service from meeting the client to returning the bike. What they lacked was a way to scale it up while ensuring their high level of quality. They needed a tech partner that was willing to move fast, deliver high quality and understand what makes startups tick and succeed.

That’s where Montel Intergalactic came in. Together with the Yeplers we built a custom ERP that is the embodiment of their customer service. Following the Yeply-way of doing things the ERP system automates many of the tedious tasks and allows the business to scale to a whole fleet of vans.

The user experience was kept simple. Yeplers would check bikes in, picking them from reservations, existing client database or people who just came by the van. Then the bike goes through their six step process. Throughout the process the single work entry for the bike is enriched with installed components, notes from the mechanic and automated messages to the owner.

The ERP helps the Yeplers on the field but lacks the 10.000 ft view needed by management. For this purpose we built reporting and marketing tools directly into the administration interface. Deciding where to drive the vans next and how to direct marketing became a lot easier.

To tie things up the ERP system provides integrations to Yeply’s booking system and their public site at Our collaboration continues, but now Yeply is ready to go global. After that we’ll go intergalactic.

Lauri Kainulainen


Lauri is a co-founder of the company and our current CTO. He enjoys sailing, football and tinkering with old electronics.

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