5 Steps to Efficient Cloud Infrastructure

Step 1. Containerization

Having containerized applications is a must. It allows the creation of proper encapsulation between services and makes it much easier to get the whole infra up and running on a fresh (development) machine.

A Kubernetes installation will require all the parts of your infra to run in containers.

Step 2. All in Cloud

Running an on-premise server setup these days is hard to justify. Autoscaling will also require a platform that allows throwing in more servers with the press of a button.

Choosing the right infrastructure provider and optimizing your resource usage is important but requires an understanding of various platforms and technologies.

Step 3.  Kubernetes

Having multiple static environments running on manually provisioned machines will leave you with a complex, hard-to-update, and costly infrastructure.

Orchestrating your application containers in clusters and running them with Kubernetes enables efficiency, scalability, and fault tolerance. You’ll stop thinking of your setup as an assortment of servers and learn to think in terms of raw resources instead.

Certified Kubernetes Administrators know how to get the most out of the tool.

Step 4.  CI / CD

Continuous Integration and Deployment is crucial to move forward fast and not fall.

Of course, you will also need automatic tests  – or your CI process is going forward blindfolded.

Step 5. Mature Development Process

Every change in shared branches should go through an agreed merge procedure and potentially be reviewed by another developer. Especially with teams of more than two, it’s crucial to follow a good convention, such as githubflow.

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