Cloud Management Service

24/7 Cloud DevOps Service with a guarantee

If your service is down, we will pay you.

MontelCare is monitoring, incident management and infrastructure development all in the same package. Our certified cloud DevOps team will build you a robust, secure and scalable infrastructure, and guarantee 24/7 availability of your services. If an incident occurs we will refund you for your fixed monthly fee.

The Price of the MontelCare

This calculator will give you an estimated cost of having our certified DevOps-experts take care of your infrastructure and make sure it runs properly 24/7/365, or as agreed.

1. Choose your deployment

The Montel shared cluster will give you all the benefits of running a scalable Kubernetes setup in a secure, modern infrastructure at an affordable price. Ideal for companies without own tech team. Includes replicated database and volumes*.

Own dedicated cluster is the best choice if you want to have full access to all Kubernetes things under the hood or when you need a particular setup to support your services. Starting from three servers upwards, a dedicated cluster will give you the 💪️ you need to take on the world.

When the requirements for your service grow you can always move to a dedicated cluster.

*PostgreSQL, MySQL and Redis are included. Other options might affect the price.

2. Choose your service level

MontelCare Core includes updates to your Kubernetes version and all your Kubernetes objects. You won't have to lose sleep over security, breaking CI/CD or obsolete infrastructure. We'll take care of everything. In addition you'll get:

  • top of the line CI/CD pipeline and free project tools on Montel's Gitlab
  • personal customer service from senior-level DevOps experts.
  • 3. Let's get started

    MontelCare service includes

    Gap analysis

    Continuous development leading
    to scalable infrastructure

    24/7 guaranteed availability
    of your service

    The costs of an outage in your critical services can be massive. Building a robust, secure and reliable infrastructure requires constant effort and expertise. By partnering with our team of certified cloud developers, your cloud infrastructure will be continuously monitored, optimised and fortified making it reliable and highly scalable.

    We offer a lot more than cloud providers or PaaS providers. MontelCare handles dynamic environments, autoscaling, support for complex infra, app monitoring, CVE and security issues as well as crisis contingency planning.

    MontelCare workflow

    MontelCare cloud management workflow is a constant process of monitoring and developing your service’s cloud infrastructure. It can be paired up with software development projects by our full-stack developers.

    Cost-efficient and carefree cloud management

    As servers crash and databases have problems your service will inevitably experience issues that need to be fixed. Also, the root cause of every incident needs to be eliminated. And when the business is booming there is a need for a fast scale-up of the infrastructure. It is up to you to decide whether all this will be done by your own DevOps team, with the help of an external monitoring team or with MontelCare.

    With our experience we can efficiently build you the best web application infrastructure on the planet, monitor it with our global team, and allow you to save money. No need to hire new DevOps experts. No need to interrupt vacations or wake up because of night-time alerts.


    Servers crash and databases misbehave causing outages. You recover with your in-house crew but it takes resources to find and fix the root-causes.

    When business is booming you need to hire and train a bigger team to scale-up which is a slow and expensive process.


    MontelCare team quickly fixes the issue, does root cause analysis and releases a post-mortem. We will refund for each incident from your monthly fee.

    Scale up will happen in no time. There will be predictable increase to the monthly fee.

    Certified to manage your cloud

    The ability to create the best web application infrastructures on the planet is about hard-earned experience. We have five Certified Kubernetes Administrators as well as Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architects, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associates and Microsoft Certified Azure Data Engineer Associates. We are also a verified partner for UpCloud and a Google Cloud Partner.


    Kubernetes is currently the best technology for application orchestration in the modern cloud infrastructure. Our Certified Kubernetes Administrators are experienced in running Kubernetes in various different hosted cloud environments as well as setting up our own Kubernetes clusters.

    Kubernetes for application orchestration

    Cloud infrastructure modernisation

    Read more about a journey to a modern, efficient, scalable and fault-tolerant infrastructure from our cloud modernisation page or download our Cloud Infrastructure Modernisation guide to dive deeper.

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