Learning Kubernetes in a 2-day crash course

Why should your technology team learn Kubernetes?

Learning Kubernetes is highly beneficial if you are involved in software development, DevOps, or system administration. Learning Kubernetes equips you with the skills to effectively manage containerized applications. This is increasingly important as microservices and containerization become standard practices in software development.

How to learn Kubernetes fast and easy?

Montel has Certified Kubernetes Administrators, who know the ins and outs of the tool. If your technology team wants to learn more about Kubernetes, we are here to help you! In our Kubernetes workshop, we teach you the basics of the Kubernetes world and give you the knowledge to operate the tool correctly and independently.

The Content of the Kubernetes Workshop

  • Introduction and basics of Kubernetes and Docker
  • Creating a cluster ABC
  • How to deploy a service
  • Learn about storage and databases
  • Node affinity, taints and tolerations
  • Resource quotas, requests and limits
  • Using Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes
  • GitOps with Flux
  • What are operators
  • How to automate the cert management of your cluster
  • Stackgres solution
  • Rancher introduction
  • Logs ABC
  • Summary and Q & A

The exact content of the workshop is always customized to meet all the needs and wishes of the participants.

The Structure of the Kubernetes Workshop

First we have an initial meeting where we plan together (normally with a CTO, CEO or Tech Lead) what areas should be covered and how could we tailor the workshop for best effect.

First day usually focuses on theory and light hands-on exercises. Second day, in turn, is usually more hands-on and tailored to support daily development activity.

More tactical additional sessions can be agreed upon if needed. We are also available for support after the workshop too.


We've always gotten super positive feedback of the workshop.

Especially the pragmatic hands-on approach - often on the actual cluster the developers will continue to work on - has received praise.

Also the fact that we continue to support their path towards Kubernetes enlightenment after the workshop brings comfort as the learning curve can seem pretty steep at first.

2-day workshop has a price tag of 2 500 euros. Contact my colleagues if you are interested in making your team Kubernetes connoisseurs in just two days: myynti@montel.fi, or book a 30 minute remote meeting with directly through this link. For free with no strings attached.

Ville Pouhula

Ville is a wizard-level Cloud DevOps expert and a certified Kubernetes administrator. Ville is located in Joensuu, Eastern Finland, and loves fishing, hunting, and skiing in the forests.

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