Success story: MealLogger

We have been working with our customer Wellness Foundry for many years now with their main product, MealLogger. MealLogger is a digital nutrition coaching platform, which enables individual and group coaching and automated programs. Montel has been helping them with various needs, from Backend upgrades to different client integrations. Montel Intergalactic and MealLogger both have really enjoyed the ride!

MealLogger is a digital nutrition coaching platform. It is being used by healthcare professionals, and researchers all over Europe and US. In a nutshell, for users, MealLogger is an image-based food journal and communication tool with a coach. It also includes a library where the user can find personalized, scheduled content. In MealLogger, keeping a food journal is easy; just take a photo of your meal. In addition, coaches have their view from which they can build various programs for users and keep track of information and groups.

Work with Montel started in 2018. The cooperation arose from the need for a competent, reliable technology partner. Unique expertise was essential for MealLogger, but not on a full-time basis. For MealLogger, Montel has done multiple OpenID, and OAuth integrations using FHIR standards, worked on infrastructure maintenance and administration, backend API development, mobile app development with Ionic as well as backend and frontend building.

Montel received a customer satisfaction score and NPS score of 10 from Wellness Foundry, meaning that our services would be 100 % recommended for other companies. We are more than happy with these results!

"We have been pleased to work with Montel. The team is knowledgeable and genuinely responsive, meaning that we get support and expertise when we need it. All the projects that we have done have also been successfully completed. In the healthcare industry, projects must be carried out correctly, and without errors, so it has been a pleasure to see that we can rely on Montel in these matters. We look forward to continuing our cooperation in the future.", says Michael Quarshie, CEO and one of the founders of Wellness Foundry.

Wellness Foundry is a MontelCare client, which means that our certified cloud DevOps team is constantly improving their cloud infrastructure and ensuring it’s stable and secure. If we don't reach out service level promise, we decrease our fixed monthly fee accordingly.

“MontelCare has been an easy and reliable way to organize maintenance and hosting. We maintain many databases in different regions, and these services are critical to our customers. We must keep the service highly available and MontelCare provides us a cost-effective, reliable and easy solution to do so.”, Michael Quarshie describes MontelCare.

HUS Terveyskylä

One of the projects with MealLogger is the ongoing integration with HUS Terveyskylä. Terveyskylä is a public online service provided by university hospital districts that brings healthcare services accessible to everyone regardless of where they live, increasing citizens' equality. Under Terveyskylä, users can find, a virtual service developed by healthcare professionals to support healthy weight loss and weight management.

Painonhallintalo started piloting MealLogger so that users could use MealLogger during their weight management path. In addition, coaches would easily transit from their views to the client's view.

The idea in the integration between HUS Terveyskylä and MealLogger is to provide MealLoggers capabilities to Terveyskylä users and professionals while minimizing the complexity of multiple different services and separate accounts. Also, most of the user management is done only in Terveyskylä, and the changes are reflected in MealLogger. Users can also still use MealLogger in a standard way with the mobile app. Integration is done by following OAuth and HL7/FHIR standards to make the solution even more compatible with other healthcare systems.

Montel's role with the project was to help plan the solutions and select the standards together with HUS and other MealLoggers experts and integrate work with HUS Terveyskylä and their technical teams. Montel has also implemented the necessary functionalities to MealLogger's backend and frontend. Also, testing the implementation is done by Montel.

“The implementation was successful and the client has also been very pleased. We are looking forward to expanding the current implementation together with Montel and Terveyskylä”, Michael Quarshie says.

Montel is thrilled to continue this project forward. We will focus on improvements in login flow and better support for professionals and clients. Stay tuned!

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