Cloud Infrastructure Workshop

Deep dive into Google Cloud Platform

Two Montel hands-on consultants and six Klinik Healthcare Solutions’ techies gathered around one table, as we started a journey deeper into the magical realms of cloud and specifically the Google Cloud Platform.

Klinik Healthcare Solutions is a healthcare technology company delivering AI-powered digital triage solutions for healthcare providers. While they already have quite a mature product and heavily take advantage of cloud technologies, they recognized the need to get to know and harness the latest advances.

During the first morning, our certified cloud architects Jussi and Ville were bombarded with ideas and questions while meticulously mapping out Klinik’s product architecture and infrastructure. Themes included things such as test automation, release and backlog management, CI/CD, zero downtime deployments, autoscaling, performance testing, monitoring, secrets management, and disaster recovery planning. Later on, these ideas were prioritized and fleshed out into concrete work items and milestones in smaller groups.

Bunches of new improvements and optimizations were recognized, which will lead into advances and tighter integration in the usage of e.g. Cloud Build and JIRA/BitBucket, Google Kubernetes Engine, Cypress.IO tests, Cloud Endpoints, and Stackdriver monitoring. A centralized Build Status Dashboard was already specified, delivering key information to different stakeholders.

As we are a Google Cloud Partner the whole three-day workshop was sponsored by Google.

Klinik guys kindly gave us some feedback about the workshop:

“It was very valuable to have Montel's experienced cloud experts working with us during the intensive two-day workshop. The workshop speeded up our journey to better cloud infrastructure. Lots of information was shared and our guys could ask hard questions and easily reaffirm their ideas from Montel's experts.”

- Jukka Happonen, Head of product development @ Klinik Healthcare Solutions

“The workshop helped us form a clear big picture about future development needs. The workshop brought up the kind of conversations and remarks that probably would have not came forward without the workshop.
Our wish was to focus on comprehensive testing automation in unit-, integration- and stress tests. We got good practical advice and plans about this theme. We are gratified that our current system was evaluated by external professionals and eager to see their Roadmap for our future cloud development.”

- Lauri Suomalainen, Senior Software Developer @ Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Thanks for reading! If you feel like our cloud professionals could help you out with your cloud infrastructure development please don’t hesitate to contact Tuba to hear more about our offerings.

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