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Technology has brought great changes to the healthcare and wellbeing industry and opened doors for great innovations and opportunities. Commonly in eHealth systems and applications, big data sets have to be stored, shared and protected with perfect security. Everything has to be done following the tight regulations of the industry. The patient safety can never be compromised and the systems have to run 24/7 around the globe.

Health tech projects are often a combination of software development, data science, AI and top-notch information security. There are lots of demanding integrations when old systems have to be replaced as things move forward. The often required communication and collaboration with the public sector take time, patience and flexibility. Knowledge and understanding of the changes and challenges in the eHealth industry are mandatory for anyone working with health technology.

We are happy to be a part of the health sector's tech revolution creating smart processes, user-friendly systems and robust cloud infrastructures. Montel has years of experience working with health and wellbeing tech startups and growth companies. We have worked with ailment identification and patient direction solution, food journal and nutrition network app, sleep and activity tracker and mobile service that captures patient-reported outcomes. Working closely with various health tech companies has built us great know-how on how to avoid common mistakes and efficiently bypass the usual challenges.

Klinik Healthcare Solutions

Klinik Healthcare Solutions is a health technology company delivering clinically designed solutions for intelligent healthcare access. Klinik’s clients are public and private healthcare providers. Klinik is currently operating in Finland, UK and Portugal.

We have supported Klinik’s technology team with Montel know-how since 2016. Earlier on, we lead Klinik’s platform transformation from legacy PHP to a modern Django Rest Framework-based approach.

During Summer 2019, we worked together to develop Klinik’s Dashboard. The dashboard is meant for the heads of health facilities to understand the flow of patients from the first contact to the closure of the case, as well as to provide insight on what are the most common ailments, symptoms, and medical conditions. Part of this project involved a redesign of Klinik’s existing version of the dashboard, to make it more accessible and easy to use.

Technology stack includes: Python, PostgreSQL, Django, Angular 5, Jenkins


Noona Patient Relationship Management solution by Varian Medical Systems is designed to connect cancer patients with their care teams online during active treatment and follow-up phase. Through the capture and analysis of structured, real-time symptom information, Noona helps clinicians better manage patient symptoms and improve treatment outcomes. Noona supports the everyday work of nurses and physicians in cancer care, helping to increase clinical efficiency and reduce workloads through comprehensive communications tools.

We started cooperation with Noona in 2018 when we wrapped up Noona’s Angular-based web application into a mobile application using Cordova. Last summer we worked with application updates and wkwebview integration.

Tech-stack includes: Ionic, Cordova, WKWebView


Oura is an award-winning wellness ring and app, designed to help people to have a more restful sleep and perform better. It is the perfect companion for busy professionals, athletes and anyone who wants to get insights into their sleep, recovery and readiness to perform. In addition to users in over 100 countries, several top universities, research organizations, sleep clinics, and companies are utilizing the data and insights Oura provides.

Oura has been our MontelCare customer since 2016, which means that we have been Oura’s trusted DevOps companions allowing Oura people to fully focus on developing their products. We have together developed a highly scalable infrastructure and configured a 24/7 monitoring and alerting system. We are constantly monitoring Oura’s services as well as maintaining their cloud infrastructure top notch.

And that’s not all: we have also been called to help with a few back-end development projects when there has been temporarily increased need for highly skilled development resources.

Tech-stack includes: AWS, Ansible, CircleCI, Python


MealLogger is an artificial intelligence-assisted nutrition coaching platform, being used by coaches, personal trainers and healthcare providers in Europe and in the US. MealLogger photo food journal helps it’s users eat more mindfully, and using MealLogger Pro's client management technology, receive professional guidance directly via mobile app or online.

We have worked with MealLogger for a couple of years now. We have for example done multiple OpenID and OAuth integrations using FHIR standards, worked on infrastructure maintenance and administration, backend API development, mobile app development with Ionic as well as back- and front-end building. The work has been carried out in close connection with public sector operators.

Tech-stack includes: Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, Ionic

These were short descriptions of a few eHealth partnerships we work on. Thanks for reading! If you are interested to hear how me and others of Montel's seasoned software developers and DevOps experts could help you with health tech, or any other software development project, please don’t hesitate to contact me jussi@montel.fi or Mikko “tuba” Tuominen, +358 400 636636 / tuba@montel.fi.

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