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Grooming M Room’s digital services

M Room offers high-quality barber services and products, designed specifically for men. M Room has barbershops in seven countries including Scandinavian and Baltic countries and the USA. Their business model is much more than a traditional barbershop with, for example, annual membership plans, unique My M Room service and an ample webshop.

M Room had worked with their former technology partner for years but lately decided to change the partner. Luckily we were chosen to help them scale up and grow their business.

We were not randomly picked for the task: We had the right technical knowledge, got on the same wavelength with M Room leadership fast, and also had experience in very similar cases with our other clients. In addition, we could offer the kind of flexible approach to planning and allocating work what they hoped for.

Also, as Niko Sandell, the Chief Technology Officer at M Room Group puts it:

In M Room, we appreciate people who own the initiative and are positive and willing to put the hours in when needed. I saw these characteristics in the owners and other Montel guys when I first met them. That was one of the main reasons why we decided to choose them as our partner.

M Room has a variety of digital systems used for booking, cash registers, membership, stock and work shift management, reporting etc. We have now taken over the whole cloud infrastructure and back end and front end development for these systems. Our responsibility is to make these systems perfectly stable and easily scalable.

From day one, I have been pleased with the cooperation, although, the first task was not the easiest one. The task was to take control of our tailored international POS (point-of-sale) system, without any kind of documentation, Niko comments.

M Room is our MontelCare client which means that our certified cloud DevOps team is constantly improving their cloud infrastructure to make sure it’s robust, secure and scalable and that we guarantee 24/7 availability of their services. If any of their services are down, we will pay them - not vice versa. The infra work was kicked off with a huge infrastructure migration from one server setup to distributed Kubernetes environment.

On top of the aforementioned works, we are also currently building for M Room barbers a new UI with APIs to the current system, as well as, API for mobile payment system to the My M Room web app.

For us, it has been a true pleasure to work with M Roomers. We believe that good communication is the key for successful and happy partnerships and thus, our clients always have direct contact to (at least) the lead developer of the project for maximum efficiency and smooth flow of information.

Everything that we have asked for has been done or, then, explained why it is not the best option to do it right now. This is equally as important as being able to do the things we require, Niko sums up.

The work goes on and we are excited to support M Room in their growth path. If you feel like we could help your business too to grow, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team,, to hear more about our expertise.

Elina Harju

Head of Communications & Recruitment

While making sure Montel feels intergalactic for its people and those who don't know us yet, Elina is also gradually navigating Montel's coffee fueled space shuttle towards greener future.

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