Kubernetes cluster management with Rancher

Rancher is an open-source kubernetes management platform. We at Montel Intergalactic use it to simplify the way we build and manage Kubernetes clusters.

In March 2021 we organised an online event "Kubernetes, its ecosystem and Rancher – ask us anything!" for anyone interested in Rancher and Kubernetes. To be the first one to hear about such events you can join our Rancher Finland Meetup group.

In the event, we had a Q&A session with short presentations and discussions by Kubernetes and Rancher experts: Jukka Välimaa and me (Toni Röyhy) from Montel Intergalactic, as well as our visiting experts Annie Talvasto and Anoop Vijayan. The event was hosted by us at Montel Intergalactic together with the Cloud Native Nordics.

Here in this blog I wanted to present to you a couple of shorter video clips from the event. The whole Q&A session of the event as well as Annie’s keynote talk "Top new CNCF projects to look out for" can be found in our YouTube channel.

The first video here is an introduction to Rancher. In the video I describe shortly how we at Montel Intergalactic have used Rancher, how we create and import clusters to Rancher as well as how we monitor the clusters with Rancher. I also touch the DNS and SSL management and some other Rancher features we use.

In this second video Jukka presents the possible alternatives to Rancher. Although Rancher is our favourite Kubernetes management platform there are a couple of alternatives.

If interested, the slides of the event can be found here: https://gitlab.com/rancher-meetup.

Thanks for reading and watching! If you are interested in hearing more about how Rancher could help your business, please don’t hesitate to contact  our sales team, myynti@montel.fi, and we will organise a free consultation meeting.

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