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We are specialised in mobile app development with Flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit. It is used to develop cross platform applications from a single codebase. It allows for a very fast and cost-efficient development of beautiful apps. We adopted Flutter to our tool kit very early on and have several Flutter experts in our team.

Our offering includes apps with customized external hardware, native Bluetooth communication stacks, gamified elements and beautiful user interfaces. All come with cloud backends that are often made by us, too.

In addition to Flutter, we, in some cases, use React Native, and have built several production-level solutions with it.

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Flutter application to control a teddy bear

iXu smart touch bear is a teddy bear that mirrors the touch of your loved one’s hand over distance. iXu bear works through a mobile application and is powered by smart touch electronics and custom-made embedded software. In addition to reflecting touch, the application also enables the user to engage with the other user using in-app messaging.

We have developed the iXu cross-platform app with Flutter. The application connects to the iXu smart bear over Bluetooth, enabling the user to send remote touch commands.

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MealLogger nutrition coaching platform with Flutter

For years we have been working with MealLogger, an AI-assisted nutrition coaching platform. The mobile application is developed with Flutter. In addition to mobile development we have done back and front end development and built the cloud infrastructure for the service.

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Kick.AI is a wearable sensor for martial arts practitioners to track their kicks. Their app has evolved from native to React Native to Flutter with custom hardware and low-level Bluetooth. We have worked on all elements of the stack from cloud to mobile and sensor firmware.


We helped Reworks to build their Redecor Home Design Game application for Android. The game app was built using Flutter. Flutter was the tool of choice mostly because of its ease of integration with external APIs and native code. The game has become widely popular and has been downloaded tens of millions of times.

Map integration and more with React Native

Eazybreak is an easy-to-use mobile service for fringe benefits. Our developers worked on the web dashboard and mobile app features with the cross-platform framework React Native, including Google Maps integrations and location search functionality.

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