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Flutter - Pretty & Fast

Mobile app development has become one of our special focus areas. This trend has been accelerated by the growing success of Flutter, a UI software development kit that allows for very fast development of beautiful native apps. We adopted Flutter to our tool kit very early on and have several Flutter experts in our team.

Our offering includes apps with customized external hardware, native Bluetooth communication stacks, gamified elements and beautiful user interfaces. All come with cloud backends that are often made by us, too.

In addition to Flutter, we are well familiar with other frameworks such as React Native, Ionic and Cordova, having built several production-level solutions with them.

Mobile app development success stories

A gamified success story with flutter

We helped Reworks to build their Redecor Home Design Game application for Android. The game app was built using Flutter. Flutter was the tool of choice mostly because of its ease of integration with external APIs and native code. The game has become widely popular and has been downloaded thousands of times.

Kick ass evolution from native to react native
to flutter

Kick.AI is a wearable sensor for martial arts practitioners to track their kicks. Their app has evolved from native to React Native to Flutter with custom hardware and low-level Bluetooth. We have worked on all elements of the stack from cloud to mobile and sensor firmware.

Map integration and more with react native

Eazybreak is an easy-to-use mobile service for fringe benefits. Our developers worked on the web dashboard and mobile app features with the cross-platform framework React Native, including Google Maps integrations and location search functionality.

The main benefits of using React Native are the cost-effectiveness and ease of one developer producing and releasing both the Android and iOS versions simultaneously thanks to the same code base, and hence achieving faster time to market.

Ionic with Meallogger

We have been working with MealLogger, an AI-assisted nutrition coaching platform, for a couple of years now. In addition to back and front end work we have developed their mobile app. The application was developed with Ionic.

Cordova with Noona

We started cooperation with Noona Patient Relationship Management solution by Varian Medical Systems in 2018 when we wrapped up Noona’s Angular-based web application into a mobile application using Cordova. Cordova allows extending an application across more than one platform, without having to re-implement it with each platform's language and toolset.

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