Montel Intergalactic

Happiness First

Once Upon a Time...

…there were three coders who put their skis on to create a software company like no other. It all started in the vast wilderness of the Pallas fells, where the Montellin maja wilderness hut is located.

Our skiing team has grown bigger since but the vision remains the same. Happiness first: the happiness of all Montelieers and all of our clients.

These are not just hollow words. We measure the happiness of our clients annually. Our Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 87, which means that almost all of our clients would recommend us to you. Also, our Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) is exceptionally high, 93.

We also measure the happiness of all Montelieers biannually to make sure we stay exceptionally happy in the future.

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Our values

These are our company's values. The beliefs and principles that we have chosen together and will never give up.

  • Happiness. The well-being of our community is one of the biggest assets we can have. We strive to have the happiest team members and the most satisfied clients.

  • Remote first. We collaborate with remote first approach allowing Montel to become the best hybrid workplace.

  • Openness. We embrace open, honest, respectful, and polite communication and feedback.

  • Always be professional and never stop learning. For us, it's all about learning new things together and sharing knowledge. We are all hardcore professionals and act like such.

  • We are diverse yet egalitarian. We cherish all diversity and don’t put anyone in a special position.


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