Adventures for Software Developers

Welcome to our team

Are you ready to take off on an intergalactic adventure as a software developer?

You can be a shuttle ready to join our mothership or only at the beginning of your professional runway. Do not hesitate to contact us, we might have just the right position for you!

We Montelieers form the A-team of technology. We work hard to have the happiest team members and the best adventures. We also strive to be the most responsible software company in Finland.

Culture & Working at Montel

Happiness first culture has been the cornerstone of our company from day one. We want to have the happiest team members, most satisfied clients, and incredible adventures. In Montel, we believe in low hierarchy. We are all professionals, so nobody will be hovering at your desk telling you what to do.

Since there is always room for growth, we offer you professional challenges and development. With us, you will have a variety of exciting projects and a personal study plan and mentoring. Our work culture always aims for freedom and responsibility since they come hand in hand. We will give you time and encouragement to study, participate in trainings and acquire certificates to get to the new orbits.

We support your work-life balance with a stable working environment and flexible work hours. We give you an opportunity to work from the location of your choice, even fully remote. If part-time employment makes you happy, we give you a possibility to that.

A great and fun atmosphere keeps us happy. A flat organization, agile work culture, and an attitude of getting things done are the cornerstones of our culture. We offer you a laid-back work community and fun after-work events remotely and live.

Diversity is one of our strengths. We are a team of 25 professionals with 11 nationalities. We have common goals, and everyone's voice is as important and equal. With us, you can be yourself.

Intergalactic perks

Our Montelieer’s happiness and well-being comes always first. Check out our outstanding employee benefits!

Lunch benefit

When working full time, we offer you a monthly 200 euros lunch benefit on top of your salary.

Sports and culture benefit

To keep our employee’s well-being and active, we offer you a 400 euros sports and culture benefit annually to support the hobbies you love.

Commuting benefit

We support your commuting with public transportation by giving you a 300 euros benefit annually. In addition, nature says thanks!

Bicycle benefit

With our partner GoByBike, we offer you a bicycle benefit. You can choose your bike freely from any store.

Gym benefit

On top of the Sports and culture benefit, we will support your well-being by giving you a free gym membership at Fitness Village in Helsinki.

Private healthcare and insurance

With our partners Mehiläinen and Lähitapiola, we will take good care of you by providing comprehensive healthcare and insurance.


For a fresh start every week, we offer breakfast at our mothership every Monday. Not just cereals!


We have soft drinks, smoothies, fruits, nuts, and other healthy snacks at the office to give you extra energy when needed!

Freedom to choose your tools

With our partner Dustin, we offer you a wide range of devices.


On monthly knowledge-sharing events, Tinkerers’ Thursdays, we can talk tech or decorate gingerbread houses. Also, Christmas and summer parties and Intergalactic sports & cultural events keep us happy during the whole year!

Annual Lapland trip

Once a year, we take you where it all began. Welcome to the Lapland trip!


We offer excellent facilities at the heart of beautiful and buzzing Helsinki. Cozy and functional office for relaxation and efficient and ergonomic work.

Open positions

Find below some more detailed info on who we are currently looking for. However, don't hesitate to contact us even if you do not match any of these profiles. We might still need you.

With us you’ll work with a variety of interesting projects as our developers normally work in 1 to 3 client projects at the time. This happens by solving tech challenges, and developing software systems and creating applications for our clients. Self-organized work, a good balance of freedom and responsibility, modern ways and tools of working, and customer closeness are the cornerstones of working as a Montelieer. The team has grown bigger but the mission remains the same: happiness first.

Chief Executive Officer

Are you ready to take off for an intergalactic adventure as a CEO? We at Montel Intergalactic provide our clients with top-quality software development and reliable Cloud DevOps services. We want to have the happiest team members and the best adventures. Self-organized work, a good balance of freedom and responsibility, modern tools and technologies, and customer intimacy are the cornerstones of getting things done the Montel way. As a CEO you will play a crucial role as a captain of the spaceship and lead our intergalactic journey. We are looking for someone energetic and talented to lead our dynamic and ambitious organization towards new galaxies!

Intergalactic Full-Stack Software Developer

Our software developers work on several different projects by developing software systems and applications, and solving deep tech challenges for our clients. As you’ll work with clients, a consulting approach is important and we even hope you are interested in consulting our customers.

Intergalactic DevOps Engineer

Our DevOps experts develop, maintain and fix resilient and scalable cloud infrastructures. They do software development as well, so solid work experience in development is also mandatory.

Intergalactic Mobile App Developer

Our mobile app developers focus on creating excellent mobile applications for our clients. As Flutter is our favorite kid in the area of creating and developing fresh and pioneering mobile apps, we are happy if you share our enthusiasm with it.

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Contact me

Contact me to hear more about how we can
help you.

Emmi Kiiskilä /

Head of HR

Our clients

We have worked with successful startups, high-performing sales and marketing organizations, eHealth pioneers, big public sector players and many more.

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