Montel Intergalactic Superpowers

We have 18 very skilled and ambitious full-stack developers. Most of our developers have 10-20 years of experience of coding for living and passion. That is not bragging, nor sales talk but the truth.

We have grown fast as we have been hiring approximately one new developer per month. Also, our developers are motivated – and encouraged – to constantly learn and develop their skills. This is how we found ourselves in a situation where we needed to pause and have a closer look at what we actually are good at collectively as a company. So, our developers stopped coding for a moment to self-evaluate their skills, on a scale of 0-3. (Not an easy task for our modest Finnish full-stack code wizards).

This is what we learned.

We love Python

We at Montel know Python, and love Python. However, all our developers are also fluent with Javascript because, as said, they really are full-stacks. Out of our 18 full-stack developers, 11 are top-skilled (score 3) Python developers and 12 are top-skilled Javascript developers.

Apart from these, two favourite programming languages of ours, we have three top-skilled Ruby developers, two java experts, and a secret (hush hush!) Elixir society lead by our CEO Lauri.

Django peeps

Talking about frameworks, we are very much Django people. (Now talking about the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines, not the unchained.) All our developers know Django at some level and half of them (9) are top-skilled. Apart from Django, we master Rails, Express (for Node.js), and Phoenix (for Elixir), to name a couple more of our favourites.

Vue and React are our old darlings, Flutter our new favourite

Our developers’ favourite tools to create the pretty and functional front ends they do are React and Vue. For React our team has 6 top-skilled developers. For Vue, the number of superlative developers in our team is 5.

Apart from these we have a growing number of Flutter enthusiasts. If interested to meet them welcome to the first Flutter Helsinki Meetup to talk about Flutter in production (and drink beer). On mobile development, we also have a few guys who rock React Native and Ionic.

Docker is a must-know and Kubernetes our sweetest honey

This know-how is especially intriguing for you if you are interested in quality DevOps, or in other words, in MontelCare, our 24/7 monitoring and continuous infrastructure development service.

First, we know Docker very well. In practice, that means that we have 9 top skilled Docker experts at Montel. We also have strong knowledge of AWS, Google Cloud Platform and especially our new favourite tool Kubernetes. And this goes beyond self-evaluation: we have Certified Kubernetes Administrators and Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architects.

OpenShift and Rancher are our current favourite technologies for managing Kubernetes clusters.

PostgreSQL is our favourite database

Internet says that PostgreSQL is the world’s most advanced open source database. Good for us, since we are very good at it. There are 6 of us who master it in the very best level. We also developers top-skilled in MySQL, NoSQL databases.

This was a quick introduction to the superpowers that Montel's intergalactic developers have. If you are interested to hear more about how these superpowers could be helpful to you please don't ́t hesitate to contact us: Mikko “tuba” Tuominen, +358 400 636636 / Also, we are happy to receive any comments on the comments section below.

Elina Harju

Head of Communications & Recruitment

While making sure Montel feels intergalactic for its people and those who don't know us yet, Elina is also gradually navigating Montel's coffee fueled space shuttle towards greener future.

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